Hi everyone and welcome to my first attempt "reviewing" books!  


I use quotes around the word review because I will not be writing long, insightful and beautifully written essays. I will also not be searching the internet for that perfect gif that encapsulates the feelings generated by the book. Lastly, I will not be digging through countless google searches finding super-hot-6-pack-abs hero and gorgeous-perfect-hair heroine images. 

I love reading but I absolutely abhor writing and I just plain old suck at it.  Therefore, I'm not going to bother emulating those that actually write legitimate reviews because I have no doubt that it would be an embarrassing failure.


I AM, however, going to use 12 words or less to describe each book I've read and the feelings it generated for me (when necessary, I reserve the right to hyphenate words to create awesome longer words).


Feel free to add your own words in the comments!