Time Out (Foolish Games, #2) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers This review focuses on the first two books in the Foolish Games series. I ended up reading all three books in one day so it all blends together for me.

I really wanted to love this series and if it weren't for Hawkins (our hero) I probably would have given up partway through.

I always love rock star books and that is what originally grabbed my attention in the first place. I was also intrigued with the "marketing scam" part of the first book where Joie and Hawkins snarkily blog and tweet back and forth. This created some pretty amusing interactions that were the highlights of the whole series for me.

Unfortunately, those few good moments were not nearly enough to overlook everything else. There were numerous typos (ridged does NOT equal rigid!) and I just could not handle how unrealistic the characters were in their reactions to very serious events. Yeah sure, I don't like it when characters mope and moan for chapters on end about a hang-nail. However, I think that a little post-trauma-drama is allowed when the situation calls for it. I was officially fed up with this whole series when Gwen apologized to Joie for being the sole reason that she was abducted and tortured via water boarding. Joie's response..... "It's okay". No. It is most definitely not "okay". Joie, you were tortured 4 pages ago, you need to be in therapy!